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Thursday, February 05, 2004

GOP slams Bush policies at retreat


Now lets hope those bastards listen!
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Iraq military deaths vs California Highway deaths per day.

There are approximately 1 military deaths per day in Iraq. There are approximately 28 traffic related deaths per day in California
I'm not devalueing the lives of the American Soldier. I am instead illustrating their professionalism and highlighting the fact that a soldier is more likely to die in California than he is in Iraq, a war zone.

CHP motor vehicle collisions 2002

I'd also like to point out that the (liberal biased) media will have you believe that the 1 death in iraq is somehow worse than the 28 deaths in California, and that the deaths alone somehow justify a reason to pull out of Iraq. Maybe we should pull out of California too? Maybe we are focusing on the wrong conflict. Perhaps we should let our people do their job in Iraq and instead turn our attention to home on subjects such as keeping illegals off the road and perhaps even keeping unlicensed drivers off the road. Or maybe simply demanding that immigrants learn our language, and stopping free handouts... those are just a few ideas.

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"lol... Im learning german (again) right now. I want to be a better visitor
there than the mexicans are here. "

"wow, how white of you"

"I know, it's because Im white that I think immigrants should learn to speak
the lanuage of their host country."

"I'm done"

I could be wrong here, but I don't think I am. People are turning the symbol of this country against itself and themselves. Granted, I made a general comment about mexicans however mexicans make up like 90% of all illegal and legal immigration to california, so you can see why I used mexicans as an example. Not all immigrants take advantage though. What was the name of that girl on American Idol last night? Vladowski or something like that. She said "it's the American dream and I'm proud to be here" and she said it PERFECT english.

My data (read it):
"These numbers again confirm ... that America has lost control of its borders,"


Border Chaos

Illegal License

.Illegal Immigration Turning Calif. Into 'Apartheid State,' Expert Warns

I'm sure people will interpret facts the way they choose, but the POINT and the FACT is that there are certain govt services that only citizens are entitled to. There are certain freedoms that only citizens are entitled to. Every day that this illegal immigration problem continues (im talking about the actual migrators AND the people willign to support them) causes our country to corrupt and deteriorate just a little more.

I challenge anyone to find me a reason for the good of the nation and it's citizens that we should allow illegal immigration to run rampant anywhere in our country and/or giving illegals any rights that are even similar to citizen rights.
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A Collection of Thoughts: February 2004 Archives: "Open Letter To Anti-War Protesters"

Another great read from Jen's blog. This guy says what I couldn't say when I was riding my motorcycle through a crowd of protesters at the local mall last year. Funny how nobody argues with a fistin their face. Seriously I'm not violent, but It's sketchy when people try to put signs in your face while your on a motorcycle..
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God Kerry makes me sick!
CBS News | Bush & Vietnam: Live Ammo? | February 5, 2004�13:38:31: "But both Kerry and retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who was also decorated for service in Vietnam, have contrasted their military service with the president's, mocking Mr. Bush's much-publicized trip to the USS Lincoln last May.

'I know something about aircraft carriers for real,' Kerry often says. Clark has said more than once that, 'Patriotism is not dressing in a flight suit and prancing around.' "

First of all Kerry has no leverage and really really should stfu. This guy contradicts himself daily. I don't want to have to go back in time and highlight his personal war on the whitehouse when he mysteriously came back from 'nam early, leaving his duty and his crew. I don't want to have to remind everyone how he through "some other guy's" medals over the whitehouse fence. I don't want to remind everyone how he was part of a pro-hanoi movement and teamed up with Hanoi Jane.

Clark. Lol. Clark is just retarded. That guy swings back and forth more than a pendulum.

Sorry but you both suck, "for real". Let me tell you something about Bush and the last few years of his service to his country. He doesn't contradict. He doesn't point fingers. He doesn't bad mouth or lame blame. He follows through. He's steadfast. He doesn't second guess himself. That's just a few of the reasons why he is president today, and why regardless of what the stupid liberal media says, still continues to have public support.

Liberals really remind me of certain characters from Atlas Shrugged. Great read.

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abc7.com: Grocery Stores Respond to Strikers Big Announcement: "Supermarket operators involved in a 4-month-old strike-lockout with Southern California grocery clerks rejected an offer from the workers' union Wednesday to have its members return to work immediately if the markets would agree to binding arbitration. "

Lol. These people have no jobs. You know what? I don't care. Why? Because my fgn healthcare costs went up too and guess what, I pay them. More importantly, I have a job! Organized labor doesn't always work for it's laborers.
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New York Post Online Edition: commentary: "'The economy is coming back, but we're letting Democrats do a gloom-and-doom thing about jobs instead of tax cuts, and we're letting the Democrats and the national media redefine why we went to war in Iraq. We have a heck of a story to tell and we're not telling it.' "

Well the liberals are at it again, and Kerry certainly isn't standing by his own words of togetherness and confidence. Sometimes I wonder if the liberals are some kind of mass suicidal cult. They hate themselves so much, evertyhing is so negative to them. When is their comet coming because I'm tired of hearing their crap.
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OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan: "Why was the piggy paganism of the Super Bowl so obnoxious? Our culture has been sick for a while--highly sexualized, violent, inspirational to the unstable. Our media have for decades been robbing our children of the not-knowingness that is the hallmark of childhood. It's not new; it's just worse, or perhaps I mean more obvious. This was the Super Bowl, after all, a football game in early-evening prime time with children watching, and nice people who hadn't bought into the concept of seeing a sex show.

Blogger Mickey Kaus raised most quickly some big points. 'The issue isn't nudity but the implicit endorsement of acting out male fantasies of violent and invasive non-consensual sexual behavior. Never mind the message it sends to international audiences--say young, angry Muslims, to pick a random example, who may have been wondering whether America really is immoral.' He added that this year's game was telecast to 229 countries and territories, including China for the first time.

But at least indignation is broad and deep. So broad and deep there may be hope in it. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, in stepping over the line, could wind up being remembered as the entertainers who reminded us there is a line, or should be. "

I think this is a good explanation (or a part of one at least) for why the superbowl freakshow was/is so shocking and why people reacted the way they did. My argument was and will continue to be that this was the wrong venue for such an act. Everything from nelly to pdiddy to janet. It was just the wrong place for it all. Let me emphasize that this game was broadcast to 229 different countries, cultures, and territories. This type of thing does not make us look very good in the eyes of say... anyone but a 17yo girl or boy.

We really need to get our act together. No pun intended.
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OpinionJournal - Extra:Sen. Kerry delivered this speech on the Senate floor Feb. 27, 1992.

"I would like to make a simple and straightforward appeal, an appeal from my heart, as well as from my head. To all those currently pursuing the presidency in both parties, I would plead that they simply look at America. We are a nation crying out for leadership, for someone who will bring us together and raise our sights. We are a nation looking for someone who will lift our spirits and give us confidence that together we can grow out of this recession and conquer the myriad of social ills we have at home.

We do not need more division. We certainly do not need something as complex and emotional as Vietnam reduced to simple campaign rhetoric. What has been said has been said, Mr. President, but I hope and pray we will put it behind us and go forward in a constructive spirit for the good of our party and the good of our country. "

Hypocrite. Can someone just tape this guy's mouth shut?
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Tongue Tied: "Activist groups in Maine are pushing for an executive order that would forbid state agencies from inquiring as to whether a person is in America legally or not, reports the Maine Press Herald."

What the hell is happening to our country? Why do we let groups get away with this crap? This is the perfect example of what is eating away and destroying this country from the inside out. Imagine, a country where you can go to seek safe haven, use the govt (citizen) funded programs, come and go when you please and never have to learn the language or become a citizen. Hell, sign me up! I think in some cases it's almost better to come over here ILLEGALLY on a boat than it is to be born here. Sad. Very very sad.

"Maine Public Safety Commissioner Michael Cantara said, "From a public safety point of view, there can be no room in Maine for prejudice, racism, sexism or other bias.”

If you are illegal you get deported. period. Is that bias? I guess by definition it is. Sigh.. we need to make people aware...
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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

After 1 surgery...
(pretty sweet...you can see the rounded scar on the right...that's where the compound fracture came through the skin. :) )
The night after surgery for hardware removal
Here's what they took out
The aftermath 1


This scar is gong to be wicked as hell when it heals up.
Scars add character, right? LOL

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Remember how Schwarzenegger was all about vetoing the drivers’ licenses for illegals bill? Well, it looks like he is getting close to signing a new bill that will grant those rights.

Remember Proposition 187? A proposition that got on the ballot because of a grass roots organization that gathered signatures to prevent illegals from using our social programs/tax dollars. It passed with a majority vote when it was on the ballot. The COURTS then legislated (yes, you are right, they are NOT supposed to do that) and deemed the proposition illegal. The court used the fact that illegals were not granted access to public schools as the portion that was illegal. So, a new bill has been born. This is prop 187 without the school aspect (that is being fought in court). We need a lot of signatures to get this thing on the ballot, but we can do it! If we don't do something to stop it, illegals WILL be granted rights/privileges which should be reserved for citizens, in the next few months to a year.

If you live in CA, are a registered voter, and think we have a right to protect our borders, pleases follow this link. Once there, please print out at least one petition form, sign it, get as many others to sign it as you can and then send it in.
We MUST do something.
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Spike lee is one ugly S.O.B

abc7.com: Spike Lee: Jackson Breast-Baring a "New Low" for Entertainers: "Speaking at a Kent State University regional campus in Ohio, Lee said Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's performance marks a 'new low' for entertainers. The director says the nation's value system has been turned upside down -- and that there's been a decline in artistry. "

Normally I wouldn't agree with Spike Lee but I have to agree with the above bolded statement. I have beeb moaning and groaning about a lack of true talent for years, just ask my GF. I also agree our value system is totally out of wack. I mean, people say ass (no, not a lib.. I mean donkey) on tv and the radio. Doesn't that show us something? I have noticed this in the youth I observe and talk to on the streets and anywhere else I am. I'm not some crazy old conservative coot either, I'm still in my twenties but the lack of intelligence, morals and just good ole' good judgement is appalling!

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Kerry's 1971 Senate Testimony

I stole this article from Jen Martinez's blog. When you have a few minutes, give it a good read.

I can't believe this guy thinks he should be president. I would never ever want someone like this trying to lead this country.

This man, this pretender, does not seem capable of seeing or understanding the big picture. He loves to point fingers and loves to lay blame, but shirks responsibility himself.

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FOXNews.com - Views - Hollywood Walks Fine Line on Civil Liberties

"In the past decade, owners of intellectual property have made a relentless push to conquer the gray areas of copyright law.

The Girl Scouts were sued for singing "Happy Birthday" without paying license fees. Disney got Congress to extend the standard term of copyright by 20 years. (Mickey Mouse was about to enter the public domain). Book publishers demanded that public libraries begin charging borrowers. A television executive said fast-forwarding through taped commercials was "stealing the programming."

As judges and politicians try to understand the confusing world of the Internet, the organizations that protect the interests of the entertainment industry are making a legal land grab. "

If you are not already involved in some way with fighting the RIAA (in general) and/or fighting to keep your individual rights. GET INVOLVED! Examples like the above bolded text need to be fought AGAINST. This type of thing is beginning to spin out of control.

"The Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America have silenced individuals, demanded consumers' personal information, tried to outlaw T-shirts and even made police-style "street busts" — all in the name of protecting copyrights. "

This downright scares meMostly because they have been getting away with it.

"A Los Angeles street vendor who sold Spanish-language CDs was surprised to learn that the four men wearing black "RIAA" jackets who took away his merchandise, wrote down his name and told him he'd be in handcuffs next time were not in fact police officers. "

And you thought big brother was scary. The RIAA reminds me of the Mafia, but with alot more legal UMF!

Get involved.

Fighting the RIAA
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OpinionJournal - Extra: "When intellectuals tell me how much they hate President Bush and how stupid they think he is, I know that he excelled at the crucial form of learning whose importance I didn't fully appreciate when I was in college. It sank in only years later as I watched people in business do wonders by drawing on their personal relationships, much as scientists do wonders by marshaling knowledge that is more abstract. This focus on personal relationships may be the key to the president's success--and to why so many intellectuals disdain him. "

This is a short, and good article on Bush Jr and a little insight to his leadership, it's an opinion of course but I think it's a great read. If you are conservative read it with an open mind and try not to form an opinion in the first sentence. If you are liberal read it with an open mind and try to not form an opinion in the first sentence.
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I was watching something on TV last night, I think it was on comedy central. Yes I love that channel. Anyway, there was a comment made about Bush Jr. and what kind of President he is. It went something like "Internationally, Bush is amazing. He really takes care of business. Domestically.. he's so so.". I found this statement to be mostly true. "Maybe we need two presidents, because there really is just too much for one person to handle". In this, I agree somewhat but it's not possible to have two presidents.

My thoughts are that Bush has turned his focus more toward Domestic issues now that his international agenda has momentum. I think that if he is re-elected and I sure as hell hope he is, we will see many domestic changes and see the deficit and budget come back down to earthly levels.
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New York Post Online Edition: news: "February 4, 2004 -- Dozens of electrified manhole and service-box covers that could zap you to death have been discovered throughout the city, Con Ed revealed yesterday. "

I was thinking how cool this is. Just imagine, you stand on the manhole cover and effectively zap all your parasites away. You could even put your food on it for a few minutes and viola! parasite free!
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I was watching something on Comedy Central last night and it had me cracking up more than Xtreme Elimination on Spike TV. If you have not had a chance to check out the Daily Show, definitely check it out.

Anyway, I was watching "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn" and there was a skit about God vs Allah. Man it was so hilarious. He asked God and Allah if there was anything they could agree on and they both said simultaneously "Jews suck!". lol. I probably wouldn't find that funny if I was a practicing jew, and I might even try to sue the show because that seems to be quite trendy right now. There was another part where God pulled out the Koran and there was lable on the front that said "Surgeon Generals warning: Practicing Islam can cause death and no birth rate". lol!

Just gives you an idea of how edgy and abrasive this show is. lol..
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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I hate this shiat. I have pictures I want to post, but don't know wtf to do to have them available on the web. Do I need to get a damn server to store pics on so that they are easy to have available?

Also, I hate having to resize pictures from my kick ass S50....it takes too good of pictures. LOL

So...any suggestions?
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New Army Infantry weapon?

HK USA: The XM8 System

"Once adopted, the M8 Carbine will replace the aging M16/M4 family of weapons, which have been in service for nearly four decades, longer than any previous US service rifle. The M8 Carbine will be up to 20% lighter than a comparably equipped M4 Carbine MWS and yet offer additional features and performance unavailable currently in any assault rifle in the world."

I don't know. Looks a little silly to me. I would rather see that thing shooting energy based rounds rather than projectile rounds. But then again, projectile rounds seem to work quite well for SG-1...

"The US XM8 Carbine is being designed at the HK Defense design center in Sterling, Virginia and will be produced and assembled in the United States at the new Heckler & Koch manufacturing plant located in Columbus, Georgia, adjacent to Fort Benning. The unit cost of the XM8 will be less than that of the current M4 Carbine and will guarantee the American war fighter uncompromising performance far exceeding that of current in-service M4 Carbines."

Here is a really nice comparison chart: (PDF file!)
XM8-US M4 System Comparison

A few highlights for you lazy people out there:
Weight: 5.7-6.4Ibs
Cost: 600 (Im gonna pick me up one fer home defense!)
Barrel Change: Accomplished in 2min at operator level.
Reliability: 20,000 rounds fired before cleaning/lubricating
Accessory Mounting: No additional weight, bulk, snag hazards added to weapon to attach accessories.
SROF: 85RPM for 210 rounds.

I'm not going to post the rest, read it yourself!

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Yahoo! News Full Coverage - U.S. - U.S. Troops in Iraq Dying at Rate of More Than One Per Day
"American soldiers are dying at a rate of more than one a day in Iraq, despite some commanders' recent claims to have broken the back of the insurgency. The toll in January was 45 — five more than in December — despite hopes that deposed President Saddam Hussein's capture would stop the killings from roadside bombs and other attacks. The number of deaths in January will rise to 47 when the Pentagon changes the status of two soldiers who are missing and believed to have died in the Tigris River on Jan. 25"

Thanks for that update. How about telling us how many enemy forces are dying per day? While we are on the subject of dying per day, why don't we talk about how many people die on U.S roadways every day. Daily deaths in Africa is a good one too.

Im so tired of the media reporting this type of thing.
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New York Post Online Edition:: "February 3, 2004 -- CBS is moving to bounce Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake from next Sunday's Grammy Awards amid the national uproar following their X-rated, prime-time Super Bowl stunt.
Sources told The Post the network will demand the two stars be tossed from 46th Annual Grammy Awards if CBS's probe shows the duo schemed in advance to expose Jackson's pierced breast during the halftime spectacle. "

Who cares? See the quote of the day.
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ARMORED WARFARE: Easy Stick Add-On Armor.

February 3, 2004: When American troops in Iraq first encountered frequent ambushes and roadside bombs, they realized that their unarmored trucks and hummers were particularly vulnerable. While many rushed to attach armor plates to the vehicles, some of the reserve troops who were cops back home knew of better solutions. At least two firms were selling light weight bulletproof composites that could be quickly attacked to police cars (doors, hood and so on). One type, Aztik 100, consisted of light weight, bendable panels. One side had glue on it, protected by paper that was peeled away when you wanted to attach a panel to a police car, or hummer, door or hood. Another product, RhinoPak, quickly developed a set of rigid lightweight bulletproof panels built to fit right on a hummer, including the top. Bullet proof glass is also provided for the windshield. The composite armor will stop a heavy machine-gun bullet (.50 caliber or 14.5mm. These panels would also stop most fragments from a bomb exploding nearby. As a result of recent reforms, units had money, and authority, available to get these armor kits, and many did. "
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Quote of the day.

"The First Amendment says nothing about a right not to be offended. The risk of finding someone else's speech offensive is the price each of us pays for our own free speech. Free people don't run to court -- or to the principal -- when they encounter a message they don't like. They answer it with one of their own." --Jeff Jacoby
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So I was driving down a residential alley last night, and I first noticed a police car moving from right to left. Then as I get to the end of the ally my eye is following the police car and I am just about to the ally driveway and I notice an astro minivan moving from left to right. I am still looking left as to make sure there are no more cars coming, and i proceed to pull out of the alley onto the street. Then my GF makes a loud surprised gasping sound so I slam on my brakes! I almost hit this mexican guy. I didn't really feel bad.

Where was he? He was to my right. Keep in mind, he's on the wrong side of the road traveling right to left and I'm looking left because thats where the cars are coming from. Then, the fgr actually has the gall to say "Pendejo!" which loosely translated means "fucker" in spanish. I had to resist the urge to get out an A) pound his face into a puddle and B) give him a good lecture (in english) about the rules of the road.

But alas! I could not, dare not, and would not... I don't want to do anything that might threaten my ship date.
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Immigrant understanding.

"But we rightfully expect immigrants to show a sincere desire to become American citizens, speak English, and assimilate themselves culturally. More importantly, we expect immigrants to respect our political and legal traditions, which are rooted in liberty and constitutionally limited government. After all, a lack of respect for the rule of law causes much of the poverty around the world that immigrants seek to escape. Problems arise when immigrants refuse to assimilate and show little interest in becoming American citizens...Today, however, some immigrants travel between countries frequently, enjoying the benefits of America but showing no desire to become Americans. Some even display hostility toward America and our ideals, joining the chorus of voices demanding that the United States become a multicultural society that rejects our own history" -- Ron Paul

> This really struck home with me.
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Words to live by.

"To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common..." -- William Henry Channing

"In short, it is the first duty of an informed citizen of a free nation to vote..." -- Charles Colson

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Monday, February 02, 2004

Tongue Tied --
"An art exhibit at a public library in San Jose, Calif. is under fire from local Latinos because it featured objects depicting the area’s lowrider culture. The San Jose Mercury News reports that the art in question was unsuitable it was “too one-dimensional,” meaning it didn’t portray Latinos in a positive enough light."

> Holy crap! Are you F'n serious?! I would be in utter disbelief except that this type of crap is becoming so common it's almost NORMAL. Do you think the Latinos would like it if we portrayed them in the light they are normally seen in? Dumbass mofo's. Yea, you might think that was racists but damn these people are low class worker baby factories. The MAJORITY of latinos in LA are unskilled workers. Sorry, but it's true.

Besides, alot of hispanics/latinos (wtf is the difference?) are quite proud of their vehicular works of art and quite frankly I think alot of their chopped up suped up cars/trucks are really cool and have alot of style. Granted, many of them look totally stupid with 10" daytons and bandaid tires but still.. if they made it into an art exhibit I'd have to say they must look really awsome.

Regarding the scantily clad woman comment... lol.. what to say. Ever pick up a copy of lowrider magazine? 'Nuff said.

I was at court today and there were 3 whites, 1 black, and 1 asian. Everyone else was MEXICAN. 40% of them couldn't speak english. I guess that's down from like 60%. So that's good. Every single one of them had the same citation. Running red light, no registration, no license, no insurance. The fgn judge let them all off easy too! Which, is cool. I guess. I would have given them stiffer penalties but based on their wages etc I think the penalties are probably pretty stiff for them.
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BodyPure: alternative health detox via sap sheets - Clean your system of toxins

I have been experimenting with these pads for two days now. I recommended them to a friend (and still do) however I wanted to test them out myself. I suspect that I am full of toxins (more than the avg person) due to many health problems as a child including but not limited to Asthma. I wore a patch on each foot for one night, when I removed the patch it was BLACK. The pads started out white. I wore them again on the following night and again my patches were BLACK. Keep in mind, I have also done a successful liver cleanse about a 1.5 months ago and continue to zap daily. My girlfriend wore a patch on each foot for a night and her patches were a dark brown, but spotty. Not like my solid black. Interesting!

"The following substances have been identified in the used pads through this method: benzene, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, aluminum, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, thallium, arsenic, asbestos, DAB dye, fast green dye, sudan black dye and PCB (plastic byproduct)."

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Ok I know I said I wasn't going to comment on this video but I just had to say something about this statement by Patrick Lang (Former Chief of Middle East Intelligence, at the DIA).

"Chemical weapons, although they can be very deadly in a subway station (or something like this) are not really strategic weapons. They are weapons that can kill 50, 100, 200 people but they won't devestate you the way a nuclear weapon...."

Hm. Really. So, deploying and using Chem weapons didn't bring the Iranians to their knees during the Iran/Iraq war? Chem weapons didn't kill thousands on thousands of kurds in their homes, villages and anywhere else people happened to be? WTF?

Then they go on to mention how we intercepted some radio com's between some IRaqi Generals and how those interecepts were B$ because Iraqi's would never speak out in the open over their radios. Well, they were intercepts, decoded messages... that we INTERCEPTED and DECODED. Goddamn it. The russians do it to us, we do it to them, everyone decodes messages. That's why everyone tries to encode them in the first place. fg!
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I'm watching this video called "Uncovered truth about the Iraq war". It's all about how the American leadership *tricked* the american congress and people into going to war. Hm. They start by saying that Iraq had no nuclear or biological weapons. At this point they have already lost my interest. I think that the weapons angle is totally moot. So I am still watching this thing because I'm interested in what they say.

Do they MEAN exactly what they say? Are they twisting truths and realities to suit THEIR own opinions?

President Bush Jr said " There is Al-Qeiada in Iraq". I probably f'd the spelling.

The rebuttal in this video is "Iraq was not part of the picture of terrorism before we invaded...Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden were enemies." The video goes on to describe how there was an Al Qeiada movement in Iraq outside of the zone controlled by Hussein and they were actively plotting against him (and the U.S). The truth however remains that there was Al Q in Iraq! Wtf.

Ok, Im not going to comment on this entire video. I'm just sick of people beating a dead horse. Who cares about the WMD. Hussein needed to be removed because he was in fact part of the picture of terrorism.

Do I agree that the U.S should extend it's long arm all over the world? Yes. I don't think it's "right". But it is required. What is "right"? Right is when there aren't civil wars in Africa every other month. Right is when Iraq is ruled by a fair leader that is interested in the welfare of his people, not just his own needs and desires. Right is when chech's and croatians and muslims all get along peacefully. Right is when the Palesitinians and the Jews stop fighting and have a great big orgy just for kicks. However, none of these things will happen anytime soon, so the U.S fills the role of the big bad sole superpower taking on an almost impirical stature.

I truly believe that if the U.S was not the Sole Superpower, and say a country like North Korea or China was, we'd all live in a very very miserable world. Even if American Leadership twists truths to convince congress and it's people to wage war on far away countries, is it not better than allowing these countries to torture and kill it's own people OR wage war on other nearby countries? Granted, the U.S doesn't have a perfect track record, but consider a similar situation when we did NOT get involved. WWII. We refused to get openly involved until we were attacked. Had we not been involved, had we let the world do it's thing and the Nazi regime march all over Europe ... we might be speaking German today. Most importantly, the world would very very few truly Free countries.


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