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Thursday, February 05, 2004

God Kerry makes me sick!
CBS News | Bush & Vietnam: Live Ammo? | February 5, 2004�13:38:31: "But both Kerry and retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who was also decorated for service in Vietnam, have contrasted their military service with the president's, mocking Mr. Bush's much-publicized trip to the USS Lincoln last May.

'I know something about aircraft carriers for real,' Kerry often says. Clark has said more than once that, 'Patriotism is not dressing in a flight suit and prancing around.' "

First of all Kerry has no leverage and really really should stfu. This guy contradicts himself daily. I don't want to have to go back in time and highlight his personal war on the whitehouse when he mysteriously came back from 'nam early, leaving his duty and his crew. I don't want to have to remind everyone how he through "some other guy's" medals over the whitehouse fence. I don't want to remind everyone how he was part of a pro-hanoi movement and teamed up with Hanoi Jane.

Clark. Lol. Clark is just retarded. That guy swings back and forth more than a pendulum.

Sorry but you both suck, "for real". Let me tell you something about Bush and the last few years of his service to his country. He doesn't contradict. He doesn't point fingers. He doesn't bad mouth or lame blame. He follows through. He's steadfast. He doesn't second guess himself. That's just a few of the reasons why he is president today, and why regardless of what the stupid liberal media says, still continues to have public support.

Liberals really remind me of certain characters from Atlas Shrugged. Great read.

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