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Friday, March 05, 2004

Army core values:

Army core values can be used everday. In fact, I believe society would be better off if everyone adopted such values to their daily lives. I believe these ideas to be boundless, untouched by race or creed.These are not values made up first by the Army, these ideas have been followed, broken and sought after by all societies and great races for centuries. They are ideal. Practice them daily and not only will you be a better soldier, but you will find that you will become a better person.

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service. Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

What do these things mean to you? What should they mean to you? I have a few ideas of my own, and maybe you will find them close to your own.

Loyalty: "A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection". I believe this stands for Loyalty to your country, your unit, your family and your friends. To illustrate the definition and meaning of this idea I will contrast it with betrayal. In such a case, this would be described as "To be false or disloyal to". Loyalty also carries with it the implication that you are doing the right thing. I think all persons know the difference between right and wrong. A good example of betrayal and disloyalty would be the Army Gaurdsman who recently attempted to sell Military information to Al Queada operatives.

Duty: "A service, function, or task assigned to one". Especially, a moral obligation. Someone could argue that we are morally obligated to do our duty, and to be loyal to our country, our family and our friends. Loyalty and Duty are so severely intertwined, there can almost not be one without the other.

Respect: "To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem". Esteem, I like that. Everyone wants respect, some want more than others, and some demand it even though they did not earn it. Respect others, and you will be respected. Those that do not earn respect, do not deserve respect. As Ironic as it may sound, you will still respect them for who and what they are, even though they do not deserve it. Karma usually does it's job.

Selfless-Service: In my opinion this is an often confused topic. Selfless-Service encompasses Loyalty and Duty. Many heros are born of Selfless-Service, however they do not serve to become heros. Essentially, you are putting your nation, your family and your friends before yourself. I personally have an ideological conflict with this idea, but I can appreciate and respect the concept.

Honor: "A code of integrity, dignity, and pride". I think that most accurately sums it up. Conduct yourself honorably. Would someone with pride and integrity commit a crime? Would someone with pride and integrity lie, cheat or steal for personal gain? Would an honorable person flea in fear from the enemy? Do not consider what it is to be Honorable. By being a person of Integrity, Loyalty and Respect, Honor will come with them.

Integrity: "Is the ability to stand by an idea; Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code." Integrity. This is huge. Integrity is the root, the source of both good and evil. People who cheat on their spouses have a severe shortage of integrity. A person with Integrity can be depended on, always, to do the right thing. A person with Integrity can be trusted. We know this person to be Loyal, Respectful, Dutiful and Honorable.

Personal-Courage: The ability to overcome fear and to perform under the most stressful conditions. Courage is not the wonton charge at the enemy, Courage is to know you will not come back from a critical mission and yet you complete that mission regardless. Interestingly enough, Courage comes easier than Integrity and Honor.

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Do your own research.

This is addressed to those who would believe a rumour, over proven facts.

RE: gas prices and the sources providing and proving factual data.

EIA analysts:
AAA reports
Natural Gas Weekly Update.
NRG news.

If you don't like to read it yourself I'll give you the underlying theme for the reports from different sources:
- U.S Fuel reserves are low.
- OPEC prices have gone up, oil output has gone down.

Maybe we should assume it's a media wide smokescreen to cover for Bush? Doubtful.

You could argue that Bush should release some of the U.S oil reserves, but why would you? The U.S has always kept it's own oil reserves... as reserves. Also, U.S oil hardly compares to the purity of the oil we receive from the middle east. In fact, it practically costs more to refine U.S oil than it does to just import it from somewhere else.

TO address the statement that I believe too much of what I read, of course I do! I try to read FACTS backed up by current and historical data. A great thing about the U.S is that we have multiple administrations every decade, there isn't any single ruling "party" for a maximum of 8 years, so even if they were magically controlling media and data sources, they couldn't do it for too long. I also find multiple sources from different places that found their data independently. I would rather believe what I read backed up by facts, than heresay backed up by stupidity.

If someone can show me hard proof that Bush is directly responsible for the gas prices, I might believe it.
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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Misinformation.. What I like to call "Bull$hit spouting off".

I was recently told that gas prices are rising because the Bush administration is a money mongering oil conglomerate, or something close to it. Why do people insist on saying the stupidest ideas that they can crap out of their mouths? Of course, I did not respond to that statement. I have no need to respond to such sheer stupidity. I have no problem with people's opinions. I have problems when people try to claim their opinion as a fact, based on nothing but stupid ideas.

To disprove anyone who thinks the Bush administration is controlling (magically?) gas prices, here are the facts:

Bush administration concenred about gas prices.
"Tight global supplies of crude oil, a recovering U.S. economy and the looming summer driving season mean that gasoline prices are certain to climb higher during the next few weeks, according to EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) analysts.

The EIA has also warned that because U.S. gasoline inventories are below normal levels, any problems at a refinery or pipeline may cause supply disruptions and a resulting rise in price.

EIA Administrator Guy Caruso said that the recent rise in wholesale gasoline costs has yet to be fully passed through to motorists"

If you want the companies most responsible for gas prices, look to OPEC, which happens to be controlled by our "allies" who are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya to name a few.
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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Funny that I came here and read the below posts for the first time. It is funny because this evening I was brought to tears by a similar idea. My wife and I usually eat dinner in front of the television. Yes, I know it is bad, blah blah blah. We are both full time doctoral students working part time and at about 8pm in the evening we can finally sit down together, eat dinner, and relax a bit. Anyhow....

Tonight we were watching TV, eating dinner, having a glass of wine, I was watching Monster House and my wife was humoring me, because she is the best. During commercials I had to flip because I am a dedicated channel flipper...can't stand commercials. So I flip to channel 2, the start of our channels and I see the start of a story on 60 Minutes II called "3 Soldiers."

The show picked three soldiers killed in combat in Iraq, supposedly at random, and profiled their story. They also provided interviews with their survivors...at least one each. Talk about heroes. These men are heroes. These men are those who chose to live their lives in order to offer their lives for freedom and justice. If someone thinks these men were fighting strictly for their OWN freedom and justice or for that of their families, I would be torn between punching them in the face and just shaking my head and walking away. These are men of action who believed that you make a commitment to do something RIGHT and you do it. These are men who, through their actions, told us that an America that was not willing to fight for and defend freedom and justice was not an America they wanted to be a part of. You watch these stories and it rips you apart. You are filled with sadness and grief for the families, comrades and friends left behind, with pride that such people exist and are defending this great country, with sadness at the loss of such a great courage, and with a profound sadness that so many people don't give a shit. That so many people these men and women are offering to die for (yes, offering, it is a volunteer service folks, don't forget that...VOLUNTEER...), could give two shits about them, their families, the principles they lived and died for....could give a shit less about this country and what it was founded upon.

We have a presidential candidate who is more than ready to throw out there that he is a war hero. He is not. He is a disgrace. He is a disgrace not for what he did in the uniform, but for what he has done out of it. The paradox of real war heroes is that, most often, the REAL war heroes are the ones that you will never hear about.

These aren't numbers, they are people with families, friends and comrades.

There are no thanks I can give greater than saying Thank You. It will never be close to enough.....

To all those that choose to offer their life for those of anyone called an "American", Thank you.
To all those that have given their life for those of anyone called an "American", Thank you.
To all those left behind by someone that has given their life for those of anyone called an "American", Thank you.
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5 days.

Today I am sitting around doing alot of reading, studying, pooping, and watching T.V? I know you are asking yourselves why I would mention pooping. I started a liver cleanse last night, which continued on through today. It's a 24 hour liver cleanse. What this does is, makes ya poop! The purpose of the cleanse is to clear out as many gall/liver-stones as possible before they can clog your liver's bile ducts. This is useful for several reasons; 1. Prevents calcification of the stones (ouch!). 2. Promotes healthy bowel movements. 3. Detoxifies your body, allowing the liver to do it's job more effecientyly. However, I am disappointed today because I have not had nearly the number of stones I had hoped to get rid of, so far. Sucks. I won't have time to do another one before basic, and I surely won't be able to do one for at least 12 weeks. Most adults should do cleanses at least once a month, and once every two weeks when first starting out. I have only done 2, though my first one was quite a success.

I am reading "THe Fountainhead". It's quite a good book, and to be honest I have finally reached a section that is keeping me very glued to the pages. In between chapters, I am studying Army Shop Safety which is one of the Army Distance Learning courses I am enrolled in. I recommend to any all all DEPS to enroll in the program, it will help you in the long run. I am going to try to finish it up today, as it's a short lesson and I should be able to score 100 easily enough...I think I would listen to my German CD's but I don't think it's wise to jump around between recreational reading and TV and lessons and audio learning. I just don't know how much usable info I would absorb. Besides, I don't even have a CD player in my room right now :(

I was watching the local news this morning and heard that a Mayor in NY will "probably" face charges in light of Gay Marriages, and breaking the current NY laws regarding them. I think that's great, that really cheered me up. Alot of people forget that there are laws for reasons, and if those laws are no longer suitable for society they should be changed legally, not broken criminally.

Tonight I plan on doing situps and pushups. For any DEPs that happen upon this page, I recommend you train yourself to be able to do at least 50 pushups and 50 situps in a row. That way, when the DI's get in your face or you have to do loads of pushups, you won't struggle with it. That will free up your focus and energy to be used for other challenges of Basic. What I Like to do is sets of 25 of each. I started at 10, then 20, and now 25. I change it up but "maxing out" as well. So instead of sets of 25, I'll do 2 sets of the maximum possible, and then cool down with sets of 10.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Liberty lost.

Today I heard on the local news that the Simi Valley Highschool banned the "Independent Trucking Co." clothing line from it's halls because the logo is similar to a "nazi cross". Ironically, it's the same symbol use on German military equipment today. That's odd, I swear there is something in our constitution about the freedom of speech. This is just one small example of our unbelievably rapid and historical loss of liberty. Slowly but surely Americans are losing their freedom, and losing liberty. I am very worried. I worry because the younger generation doesn't seem to see, and the baby boomer generation seems to welcome it, and the oldest generation of freedom fighters and defenders of liberty are dying off. As Americans we are losing our way, being led by the nose by biased and untruthful media, crooked politicians, greed and.... TV. Yes, I said it. TV. I will only touch briefly on this but do to the lack of parental guidance our kids spend more time in front of TV than anything else (except maybe the net). On TV they can find more violence, more sex, more sheer stupidity, more racism, more sexism, and more of all the things "we" are so desperately trying to protect them from. There is a noticeable lack of responsibility in our society, everyone is looking to lay the blame elsewhere, never looking to themselves as the responsible party. I am worried.

One of my friends asked me today "you are joining the Army, possibly giving your life, to defend what? These people? These people that don't care about you? These people that don't care about their country, or their history?". I thought that was interesting. I didn't have to think about the answer. It was "yes". My friend is filipino. For those of you who don't know, Americans were kind of colonizing the filipines before WWII, when the Japanese invaded and obliterated the American forces there. If I remember correctly some 80,000 American troops were taken prisoner, and most of them died due to inhumane, and cruel disgusting treatment. All 12,000 American civilians that remained on the island were also taken prisoner. The U.S and the Filipes have an intimate history forged through suffering and hardship during the war.

We fought that war for freedom and liberty. Not just for the U.S. But for ALL. Liberty and Justice for all. Freedom for all. The entire country shut down and went into war mode to save Europe. Not only did we save Europe, but also the Chinese, the Filipines, Guam and may other malaysian territories. Did you know Alaska was invaded by the Japanese? Probably not. Teamwork won the war for the U.S. And sheer will power. Freedom and liberty was our fuel.

Now, we fight amongst ourselves. We fight to limit our freedom and our liberty. Lets look at the famous Assualt weapon ban, and severe gun control for law abiding citizens. Without getting too in depty, who is being punished? Criminals or law abiding civilians. Criminals will always find away to break the law, to circumvent the law. Criminals will always find a way to kill, maim, terrorize and attack innocents. If all guns are banned, how can civilians protect themselves against criminals or god forbid, the government itself? Laugh now, suffer later. It's our right to bear arms. Little by little our rights are being destroyed. Today it's "Assualt Weapons", tomorrow it's rifles, then comes handguns and then what? Our forefathers and theirs lived for many generations under the rule of aristocrats, socialism, monarchies and more. They knew what they were doing when they formed our constitution, which is currently being slowly but most assuredly destroyed. We cannot lay the blame on Government alone, but rather the apathy and FEAR of the people.

Are we Americans, or are we Europeans? Do we live for freedom, and are we free to live how we want? These days I don't know. Most Americans IMO seem to live for money, big wheels, alcohol and less. Maybe it's a dire outlook. But I'm worried. With leadership like Kerry trying to give our sovereignity away to the U.N and American Citizens supporting him, I'm worried.

I am not panicked, I know there is hope in our people. I know that through education (not brainwashing, coniving, lying or misinforming), but real and true to history education, we can be a people of liberty and freedom once more.

I fight for our future. I fight for freedom. I fight for Liberty.

For your reading pleasure:

CITIZENS OF AMERICA FREEDOM SURVEY! - ignore all the crap about god and focus on the survey.

American Freedom being trampled on - This is a pretty good summary of some of the post-9/11 loss of freedoms.

Here is a movement to repeal a LAP DANCE ban. Funny, but sad.

Soda is about to be banned from public schools. Once again a lack of parenting and education at work here.. blame soda for fat kids!

Scary. I didn;t know about this...
Hand Gun ban.

and worse
Rifle ban.

I am sure I could find hundreds of examples, but I am sure you get the idea.

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