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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

5 days.

Today I am sitting around doing alot of reading, studying, pooping, and watching T.V? I know you are asking yourselves why I would mention pooping. I started a liver cleanse last night, which continued on through today. It's a 24 hour liver cleanse. What this does is, makes ya poop! The purpose of the cleanse is to clear out as many gall/liver-stones as possible before they can clog your liver's bile ducts. This is useful for several reasons; 1. Prevents calcification of the stones (ouch!). 2. Promotes healthy bowel movements. 3. Detoxifies your body, allowing the liver to do it's job more effecientyly. However, I am disappointed today because I have not had nearly the number of stones I had hoped to get rid of, so far. Sucks. I won't have time to do another one before basic, and I surely won't be able to do one for at least 12 weeks. Most adults should do cleanses at least once a month, and once every two weeks when first starting out. I have only done 2, though my first one was quite a success.

I am reading "THe Fountainhead". It's quite a good book, and to be honest I have finally reached a section that is keeping me very glued to the pages. In between chapters, I am studying Army Shop Safety which is one of the Army Distance Learning courses I am enrolled in. I recommend to any all all DEPS to enroll in the program, it will help you in the long run. I am going to try to finish it up today, as it's a short lesson and I should be able to score 100 easily enough...I think I would listen to my German CD's but I don't think it's wise to jump around between recreational reading and TV and lessons and audio learning. I just don't know how much usable info I would absorb. Besides, I don't even have a CD player in my room right now :(

I was watching the local news this morning and heard that a Mayor in NY will "probably" face charges in light of Gay Marriages, and breaking the current NY laws regarding them. I think that's great, that really cheered me up. Alot of people forget that there are laws for reasons, and if those laws are no longer suitable for society they should be changed legally, not broken criminally.

Tonight I plan on doing situps and pushups. For any DEPs that happen upon this page, I recommend you train yourself to be able to do at least 50 pushups and 50 situps in a row. That way, when the DI's get in your face or you have to do loads of pushups, you won't struggle with it. That will free up your focus and energy to be used for other challenges of Basic. What I Like to do is sets of 25 of each. I started at 10, then 20, and now 25. I change it up but "maxing out" as well. So instead of sets of 25, I'll do 2 sets of the maximum possible, and then cool down with sets of 10.


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