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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Liberty lost.

Today I heard on the local news that the Simi Valley Highschool banned the "Independent Trucking Co." clothing line from it's halls because the logo is similar to a "nazi cross". Ironically, it's the same symbol use on German military equipment today. That's odd, I swear there is something in our constitution about the freedom of speech. This is just one small example of our unbelievably rapid and historical loss of liberty. Slowly but surely Americans are losing their freedom, and losing liberty. I am very worried. I worry because the younger generation doesn't seem to see, and the baby boomer generation seems to welcome it, and the oldest generation of freedom fighters and defenders of liberty are dying off. As Americans we are losing our way, being led by the nose by biased and untruthful media, crooked politicians, greed and.... TV. Yes, I said it. TV. I will only touch briefly on this but do to the lack of parental guidance our kids spend more time in front of TV than anything else (except maybe the net). On TV they can find more violence, more sex, more sheer stupidity, more racism, more sexism, and more of all the things "we" are so desperately trying to protect them from. There is a noticeable lack of responsibility in our society, everyone is looking to lay the blame elsewhere, never looking to themselves as the responsible party. I am worried.

One of my friends asked me today "you are joining the Army, possibly giving your life, to defend what? These people? These people that don't care about you? These people that don't care about their country, or their history?". I thought that was interesting. I didn't have to think about the answer. It was "yes". My friend is filipino. For those of you who don't know, Americans were kind of colonizing the filipines before WWII, when the Japanese invaded and obliterated the American forces there. If I remember correctly some 80,000 American troops were taken prisoner, and most of them died due to inhumane, and cruel disgusting treatment. All 12,000 American civilians that remained on the island were also taken prisoner. The U.S and the Filipes have an intimate history forged through suffering and hardship during the war.

We fought that war for freedom and liberty. Not just for the U.S. But for ALL. Liberty and Justice for all. Freedom for all. The entire country shut down and went into war mode to save Europe. Not only did we save Europe, but also the Chinese, the Filipines, Guam and may other malaysian territories. Did you know Alaska was invaded by the Japanese? Probably not. Teamwork won the war for the U.S. And sheer will power. Freedom and liberty was our fuel.

Now, we fight amongst ourselves. We fight to limit our freedom and our liberty. Lets look at the famous Assualt weapon ban, and severe gun control for law abiding citizens. Without getting too in depty, who is being punished? Criminals or law abiding civilians. Criminals will always find away to break the law, to circumvent the law. Criminals will always find a way to kill, maim, terrorize and attack innocents. If all guns are banned, how can civilians protect themselves against criminals or god forbid, the government itself? Laugh now, suffer later. It's our right to bear arms. Little by little our rights are being destroyed. Today it's "Assualt Weapons", tomorrow it's rifles, then comes handguns and then what? Our forefathers and theirs lived for many generations under the rule of aristocrats, socialism, monarchies and more. They knew what they were doing when they formed our constitution, which is currently being slowly but most assuredly destroyed. We cannot lay the blame on Government alone, but rather the apathy and FEAR of the people.

Are we Americans, or are we Europeans? Do we live for freedom, and are we free to live how we want? These days I don't know. Most Americans IMO seem to live for money, big wheels, alcohol and less. Maybe it's a dire outlook. But I'm worried. With leadership like Kerry trying to give our sovereignity away to the U.N and American Citizens supporting him, I'm worried.

I am not panicked, I know there is hope in our people. I know that through education (not brainwashing, coniving, lying or misinforming), but real and true to history education, we can be a people of liberty and freedom once more.

I fight for our future. I fight for freedom. I fight for Liberty.

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