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Friday, March 05, 2004

Army core values:

Army core values can be used everday. In fact, I believe society would be better off if everyone adopted such values to their daily lives. I believe these ideas to be boundless, untouched by race or creed.These are not values made up first by the Army, these ideas have been followed, broken and sought after by all societies and great races for centuries. They are ideal. Practice them daily and not only will you be a better soldier, but you will find that you will become a better person.

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service. Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

What do these things mean to you? What should they mean to you? I have a few ideas of my own, and maybe you will find them close to your own.

Loyalty: "A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection". I believe this stands for Loyalty to your country, your unit, your family and your friends. To illustrate the definition and meaning of this idea I will contrast it with betrayal. In such a case, this would be described as "To be false or disloyal to". Loyalty also carries with it the implication that you are doing the right thing. I think all persons know the difference between right and wrong. A good example of betrayal and disloyalty would be the Army Gaurdsman who recently attempted to sell Military information to Al Queada operatives.

Duty: "A service, function, or task assigned to one". Especially, a moral obligation. Someone could argue that we are morally obligated to do our duty, and to be loyal to our country, our family and our friends. Loyalty and Duty are so severely intertwined, there can almost not be one without the other.

Respect: "To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem". Esteem, I like that. Everyone wants respect, some want more than others, and some demand it even though they did not earn it. Respect others, and you will be respected. Those that do not earn respect, do not deserve respect. As Ironic as it may sound, you will still respect them for who and what they are, even though they do not deserve it. Karma usually does it's job.

Selfless-Service: In my opinion this is an often confused topic. Selfless-Service encompasses Loyalty and Duty. Many heros are born of Selfless-Service, however they do not serve to become heros. Essentially, you are putting your nation, your family and your friends before yourself. I personally have an ideological conflict with this idea, but I can appreciate and respect the concept.

Honor: "A code of integrity, dignity, and pride". I think that most accurately sums it up. Conduct yourself honorably. Would someone with pride and integrity commit a crime? Would someone with pride and integrity lie, cheat or steal for personal gain? Would an honorable person flea in fear from the enemy? Do not consider what it is to be Honorable. By being a person of Integrity, Loyalty and Respect, Honor will come with them.

Integrity: "Is the ability to stand by an idea; Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code." Integrity. This is huge. Integrity is the root, the source of both good and evil. People who cheat on their spouses have a severe shortage of integrity. A person with Integrity can be depended on, always, to do the right thing. A person with Integrity can be trusted. We know this person to be Loyal, Respectful, Dutiful and Honorable.

Personal-Courage: The ability to overcome fear and to perform under the most stressful conditions. Courage is not the wonton charge at the enemy, Courage is to know you will not come back from a critical mission and yet you complete that mission regardless. Interestingly enough, Courage comes easier than Integrity and Honor.

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