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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

New Army Infantry weapon?

HK USA: The XM8 System

"Once adopted, the M8 Carbine will replace the aging M16/M4 family of weapons, which have been in service for nearly four decades, longer than any previous US service rifle. The M8 Carbine will be up to 20% lighter than a comparably equipped M4 Carbine MWS and yet offer additional features and performance unavailable currently in any assault rifle in the world."

I don't know. Looks a little silly to me. I would rather see that thing shooting energy based rounds rather than projectile rounds. But then again, projectile rounds seem to work quite well for SG-1...

"The US XM8 Carbine is being designed at the HK Defense design center in Sterling, Virginia and will be produced and assembled in the United States at the new Heckler & Koch manufacturing plant located in Columbus, Georgia, adjacent to Fort Benning. The unit cost of the XM8 will be less than that of the current M4 Carbine and will guarantee the American war fighter uncompromising performance far exceeding that of current in-service M4 Carbines."

Here is a really nice comparison chart: (PDF file!)
XM8-US M4 System Comparison

A few highlights for you lazy people out there:
Weight: 5.7-6.4Ibs
Cost: 600 (Im gonna pick me up one fer home defense!)
Barrel Change: Accomplished in 2min at operator level.
Reliability: 20,000 rounds fired before cleaning/lubricating
Accessory Mounting: No additional weight, bulk, snag hazards added to weapon to attach accessories.
SROF: 85RPM for 210 rounds.

I'm not going to post the rest, read it yourself!

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