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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Yahoo! News Full Coverage - U.S. - U.S. Troops in Iraq Dying at Rate of More Than One Per Day
"American soldiers are dying at a rate of more than one a day in Iraq, despite some commanders' recent claims to have broken the back of the insurgency. The toll in January was 45 — five more than in December — despite hopes that deposed President Saddam Hussein's capture would stop the killings from roadside bombs and other attacks. The number of deaths in January will rise to 47 when the Pentagon changes the status of two soldiers who are missing and believed to have died in the Tigris River on Jan. 25"

Thanks for that update. How about telling us how many enemy forces are dying per day? While we are on the subject of dying per day, why don't we talk about how many people die on U.S roadways every day. Daily deaths in Africa is a good one too.

Im so tired of the media reporting this type of thing.

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