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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Iraq military deaths vs California Highway deaths per day.

There are approximately 1 military deaths per day in Iraq. There are approximately 28 traffic related deaths per day in California
I'm not devalueing the lives of the American Soldier. I am instead illustrating their professionalism and highlighting the fact that a soldier is more likely to die in California than he is in Iraq, a war zone.

CHP motor vehicle collisions 2002

I'd also like to point out that the (liberal biased) media will have you believe that the 1 death in iraq is somehow worse than the 28 deaths in California, and that the deaths alone somehow justify a reason to pull out of Iraq. Maybe we should pull out of California too? Maybe we are focusing on the wrong conflict. Perhaps we should let our people do their job in Iraq and instead turn our attention to home on subjects such as keeping illegals off the road and perhaps even keeping unlicensed drivers off the road. Or maybe simply demanding that immigrants learn our language, and stopping free handouts... those are just a few ideas.

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