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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Spike lee is one ugly S.O.B

abc7.com: Spike Lee: Jackson Breast-Baring a "New Low" for Entertainers: "Speaking at a Kent State University regional campus in Ohio, Lee said Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's performance marks a 'new low' for entertainers. The director says the nation's value system has been turned upside down -- and that there's been a decline in artistry. "

Normally I wouldn't agree with Spike Lee but I have to agree with the above bolded statement. I have beeb moaning and groaning about a lack of true talent for years, just ask my GF. I also agree our value system is totally out of wack. I mean, people say ass (no, not a lib.. I mean donkey) on tv and the radio. Doesn't that show us something? I have noticed this in the youth I observe and talk to on the streets and anywhere else I am. I'm not some crazy old conservative coot either, I'm still in my twenties but the lack of intelligence, morals and just good ole' good judgement is appalling!

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