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Wednesday, February 04, 2004


FOXNews.com - Views - Hollywood Walks Fine Line on Civil Liberties

"In the past decade, owners of intellectual property have made a relentless push to conquer the gray areas of copyright law.

The Girl Scouts were sued for singing "Happy Birthday" without paying license fees. Disney got Congress to extend the standard term of copyright by 20 years. (Mickey Mouse was about to enter the public domain). Book publishers demanded that public libraries begin charging borrowers. A television executive said fast-forwarding through taped commercials was "stealing the programming."

As judges and politicians try to understand the confusing world of the Internet, the organizations that protect the interests of the entertainment industry are making a legal land grab. "

If you are not already involved in some way with fighting the RIAA (in general) and/or fighting to keep your individual rights. GET INVOLVED! Examples like the above bolded text need to be fought AGAINST. This type of thing is beginning to spin out of control.

"The Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America have silenced individuals, demanded consumers' personal information, tried to outlaw T-shirts and even made police-style "street busts" — all in the name of protecting copyrights. "

This downright scares meMostly because they have been getting away with it.

"A Los Angeles street vendor who sold Spanish-language CDs was surprised to learn that the four men wearing black "RIAA" jackets who took away his merchandise, wrote down his name and told him he'd be in handcuffs next time were not in fact police officers. "

And you thought big brother was scary. The RIAA reminds me of the Mafia, but with alot more legal UMF!

Get involved.

Fighting the RIAA

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