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Thursday, February 05, 2004


"lol... Im learning german (again) right now. I want to be a better visitor
there than the mexicans are here. "

"wow, how white of you"

"I know, it's because Im white that I think immigrants should learn to speak
the lanuage of their host country."

"I'm done"

I could be wrong here, but I don't think I am. People are turning the symbol of this country against itself and themselves. Granted, I made a general comment about mexicans however mexicans make up like 90% of all illegal and legal immigration to california, so you can see why I used mexicans as an example. Not all immigrants take advantage though. What was the name of that girl on American Idol last night? Vladowski or something like that. She said "it's the American dream and I'm proud to be here" and she said it PERFECT english.

My data (read it):
"These numbers again confirm ... that America has lost control of its borders,"


Border Chaos

Illegal License

.Illegal Immigration Turning Calif. Into 'Apartheid State,' Expert Warns

I'm sure people will interpret facts the way they choose, but the POINT and the FACT is that there are certain govt services that only citizens are entitled to. There are certain freedoms that only citizens are entitled to. Every day that this illegal immigration problem continues (im talking about the actual migrators AND the people willign to support them) causes our country to corrupt and deteriorate just a little more.

I challenge anyone to find me a reason for the good of the nation and it's citizens that we should allow illegal immigration to run rampant anywhere in our country and/or giving illegals any rights that are even similar to citizen rights.

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