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Monday, February 02, 2004

Tongue Tied --
"An art exhibit at a public library in San Jose, Calif. is under fire from local Latinos because it featured objects depicting the area’s lowrider culture. The San Jose Mercury News reports that the art in question was unsuitable it was “too one-dimensional,” meaning it didn’t portray Latinos in a positive enough light."

> Holy crap! Are you F'n serious?! I would be in utter disbelief except that this type of crap is becoming so common it's almost NORMAL. Do you think the Latinos would like it if we portrayed them in the light they are normally seen in? Dumbass mofo's. Yea, you might think that was racists but damn these people are low class worker baby factories. The MAJORITY of latinos in LA are unskilled workers. Sorry, but it's true.

Besides, alot of hispanics/latinos (wtf is the difference?) are quite proud of their vehicular works of art and quite frankly I think alot of their chopped up suped up cars/trucks are really cool and have alot of style. Granted, many of them look totally stupid with 10" daytons and bandaid tires but still.. if they made it into an art exhibit I'd have to say they must look really awsome.

Regarding the scantily clad woman comment... lol.. what to say. Ever pick up a copy of lowrider magazine? 'Nuff said.

I was at court today and there were 3 whites, 1 black, and 1 asian. Everyone else was MEXICAN. 40% of them couldn't speak english. I guess that's down from like 60%. So that's good. Every single one of them had the same citation. Running red light, no registration, no license, no insurance. The fgn judge let them all off easy too! Which, is cool. I guess. I would have given them stiffer penalties but based on their wages etc I think the penalties are probably pretty stiff for them.

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