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Thursday, February 05, 2004

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan: "Why was the piggy paganism of the Super Bowl so obnoxious? Our culture has been sick for a while--highly sexualized, violent, inspirational to the unstable. Our media have for decades been robbing our children of the not-knowingness that is the hallmark of childhood. It's not new; it's just worse, or perhaps I mean more obvious. This was the Super Bowl, after all, a football game in early-evening prime time with children watching, and nice people who hadn't bought into the concept of seeing a sex show.

Blogger Mickey Kaus raised most quickly some big points. 'The issue isn't nudity but the implicit endorsement of acting out male fantasies of violent and invasive non-consensual sexual behavior. Never mind the message it sends to international audiences--say young, angry Muslims, to pick a random example, who may have been wondering whether America really is immoral.' He added that this year's game was telecast to 229 countries and territories, including China for the first time.

But at least indignation is broad and deep. So broad and deep there may be hope in it. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, in stepping over the line, could wind up being remembered as the entertainers who reminded us there is a line, or should be. "

I think this is a good explanation (or a part of one at least) for why the superbowl freakshow was/is so shocking and why people reacted the way they did. My argument was and will continue to be that this was the wrong venue for such an act. Everything from nelly to pdiddy to janet. It was just the wrong place for it all. Let me emphasize that this game was broadcast to 229 different countries, cultures, and territories. This type of thing does not make us look very good in the eyes of say... anyone but a 17yo girl or boy.

We really need to get our act together. No pun intended.

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