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Thursday, July 21, 2005

CNN.com - Scientists: Humans causeglobal warming - Jul 21, 2005

Cicerone also bolstered a 2004 Pentagon report that two private consultants prepared on potential global impacts of an abrupt and severe change in the world's climate. When the report was issued, it was met with some skepticism and disbelief -- even by the Pentagon official who commissioned the study.

Among the dire consequences sketched out were surging seas breaking down levees in the Netherlands in 2007, making the Hague "unlivable," and Europe's climate becoming "more like Siberia's" by 2020. They saw possible "mega-droughts" in southern China and northern Europe.

"It was well done," Cicerone said of the report. "I didn't think it was fictional."

I posted something about this over a year ago. The Pentagon is considering how global warming will cause an energy/securing crisis.

Bush said earlier this month he recognizes that human activity contributes to a warmer Earth. But he continues to reject the Kyoto treaty on global warming that all other G-8 industrialized nations signed, because developing nations weren't included in it.

His administration has argued strongly against mandatory climate-related emissions caps, contending that its voluntary program is countering the growth of those emissions, but not actually reducing the tons annually being released into the atmosphere.

That is retarded. Rejection of the Kyoto policy has more to do with domestic car sales than "developing countries." Can you imagine the amount of U.S vehicle manufacturer/oil companies lobbying and all related $$ that must occur in Washington? If we signed the kyoto treaty, OIL companies and all U.S vehicle manufacturers would have to seriously re-think their business strategies. I am sure that American car companies are researching alternative power, however, I have only seen Japanese/foreign cars with alternative power already in use.

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