You'd be surprised.

Monday, April 25, 2005

The last bag was better.

I was going for less than 22 this round. Unfortunately, there were 30 unpopped kernels! Gah! I am so disappointed. At least there were no burnt kernels in either of the last bags.

In other news. Today I learned what to do "in case" of a nuclear attack! Yes, folks, it's true. The Army has a plan! I also learned that once you accumulate 30 Cgy of radiation, you are no longer "battle efficient." I think that's Army for "dead."

I'll share this military secret with you. Come closer. Are you ready? When a nuclear attack occurs, there will be a unmistakeable flash of blinding white light. Then there will be a bang moments later. Sometime between the blinding white light, and the bang (thermal shock wave equal to the force of 1,000,000 hurricanes of fire) you should find cover. Maybe a log, a rock, or a 30ft deep hole in the ground. Stay away from plastic or rubber tents, because they tend to melt and they may burn (you). Make sure you roll your sleeves down as well, to help protect against thermal burns.

Now then! You are prepared to face a nuclear attack!

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