You'd be surprised.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Work sucks.

I have two days remaining at my current place of employment. The thing is, I have x # of oustanding tasks and no motivation to complete them. I won't go into all of it but lets just say I have a severe case of short timers. I have done some of them, but I just can't get myself to do the rest! I assigned some to the other guy that will be taking over my duties.

The funny thing is, If there have been any meetings or discussions of how they will fill the void that I leave, I don't know about them. I have not been involved and since I turned in my resignation I have not heard a peep out of anyone! This is nuts. The guy that is taking over my tasks has been asking *some* questions but nothing important. I'm holding the ball and when I leave... it's gonna drop. I have asked what I can do to help the transition, I have mentioned to the other guy that I can sit with him and explain things etc etc. No responses! Oh well, not my problem anymore.

So, I am sitting here blogging, reading news, listening to music and checking the weather every 10 minutes because if it rains I'm SOL on my bike. Luckily, I cleaned out my desk last night so I have nothing left to do except delete a few programs and a few remaining files, and I can be on my way.

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