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Friday, February 27, 2004

Work (still) sucks.

It's my last day. They haven't given me my last paychecks. I think it's because they want to torture me and force me to sit in this here chair making myself busy. I sent HR an email but so far I have heard nothing. WHY GOD WHY?! Why just I endure such pain and misery? Oh well I'll get over it.

Moving on. I sent a final farewell email to the whole company. So far I have received some interesting responses.

"Well, I for one will miss your emails...". This was a result of me sending what I like to call Patriotic emails. I sent an email about 9/11 and how we should always remember etc etc. I was immediately contacted by HR and told to rescind the email because it was offensive! I had it out on the phone right then and there with HR who finally conceded that they did not believe it was offensive, but some people in the office did. So I let them know those people should call me and tell me. Stop stealing my freedoms you liberal bitches!

"Just promise you will come back to the USA...we need all the patriots we can find! " Ah, that makes me feel warm and gushy inside. I promise to come back.

So I just found out HR didn't even know i was leaving. lol. It's a good thing I sent them an email to the effect of "where's my money, bitch!". I'm kidding, I'd never. Anyway, I did send them an email.

Here's some of the conversation:
HR "Hi blah blah, so I heard you are leaving! That's excellent!"
Me "(wtf, they just heard I was leaving?) "Oh, so you are are happy to get rid of me?"
HR "No no! I didn't mean that!"
Me "Sure (now lets get down to business, where's my money?)"

lol. Overall it was a good conversation. HR is so helpful.

So, where the heck IS my money?


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