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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

White House to Release Bush Vietnam Era Records

Yahoo! News - : "'These records clearly document the president fulfilling his duties,' White House spokesman Scott McClellan said, seeking to put an end to a controversy that has sidetracked the Bush team as his reelection effort gathers steam. "

Take that you bitches. I never understood why serving with the National Guard was considered shirking responsibility and avoiding the war. As a side note, I'm not surprised anyone wanted to avoid that war... moving on. Here are the total numbers of Guardsmen that served in Vietnam. Not as much as active army of course.

"From 1968-69, 12,000 Army Guardsmen and 10,511 Air Guardsmen were called to serve their country. Over 9,500 Guardsmen were sent to Vietnam. Once again, the National Guard demonstrated combat-ready professionalism, earning over 4,000 decorations during the conflict."

Also, everyone who joins the military understands the fact that they will someday be called to fight for the USA. Except for Clinton era reservists. Laff. I'm not an expert on GWB history but the guy did request service in Vietnam but was denied. So why do drudge diggers constantly claim he was AWOL and tried to avoid the war?

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