You'd be surprised.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The war at home continues.

New York Post Online Edition: news: "Al Qaeda has deployed an army of fresh terrorists to launch airplane-hijack attacks, derail trains carrying hazardous materials, and bomb financial centers, a top intelligence official warned yesterday. "

I think that Americans are once again slipping into a comfortable ' the world does not exist ' mindset again. They seem to believe that the war is no longer being fought at home, and that we are no longer theatened by these bastards

"Although we have disrupted several airline plots, we have not eliminated the threat to airlines," Hutchings said. "There are still al Qaeda operatives who we believe have been deployed to hijack planes and fly them into targets.

Hutchings also said the United States has information that al Qaeda has looked into the possibility of derailing trains carrying hazardous chemicals. And it is seeking to use toxic or radioactive materials in its powerful truck bombs. "

Even though we have this new motto 'never forget'. IMO I don't think we can forget, especially with new reminders. Wake up America, your way of life is at stake

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