You'd be surprised.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Straight from a Marine's mouth:

OpinionJournal - A Marine's Journal: "It is now known that the Iraqis forced those civilians into their vehicles under threat of death and ordered them to speed into our positions. One of them was a dentist who speaks English. He explained it all. Some of the cars were driven by Iraqis in uniform but filled with civilians, Palestinians civilians reportedly. One such vehicle was a four-door Nissan truck, tan, that shot past our forward line into our depth at about 50 miles an hour. I shot about 10 rounds into the cab with about eight other Marines. The vehicle slammed into a power pole without having braked, the driver already dead. He was the only occupant in that vehicle. "

I don't think I need to explain any of this, it's pretty straight forward. It's apparent that only after a battle can we really see the gravity of it, and examine the why's and how's of what happened. This type of thing isn't as common in Iraq NOW, but it still exists in different forms. It's important to remember that terrorists don't fight like we do. They are dishonorable and do not care for any life but their own.

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