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Friday, February 20, 2004

No or Mo' WMD?

OpinionJournal - Wonder Land:

"This past Monday the Sundance Channel, of all places, aired a remarkable 2002 documentary called 'Stealing the Fire,' which detailed Iraq's ability to acquire uranium-processing equipment from Germany, one of the European 'allies' we are supposed to have offended by not waiting for them to join us against Saddam. Heinz Schaab, who admitted to selling German-made centrifuge equipment to Saddam, was tried in Germany, found guilty and sentenced--to five years probation. The film makes clear that Schaab was not alone, that the civilized world is full of businessmen willing to service Saddam, Khan, Kim Jong Il or anyone with cash flow. "

I think even this one small example clearly states the dangers of WMD availability and what someone like Saddam could do. I think that everyone forgets that the U.N inspections teams only found no evidence of WMD. That doesn't say anything about trying to acquire the materials and/or INSTRUCTIONS on how to build them.

"the Democratic candidates and their coterie have chosen to dismantle and demolish Mr. Bush's personal integrity. The Democrats--and especially John Kerry, if he is serious about succeeding to this office--need to get on-issue and off George Bush personally because the course they are on diverts the electorate from the seriousness of what's at stake. It also reduces the authority of the country's leadership at a dangerous moment and diminishes one other national institution: the Democratic Party. "

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