You'd be surprised.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Next to the importance of Freedom and Justice is popular education. . .

IHT: Commentary: Should U.S. fret over the wage gap, or math gap?: "'What will ultimately determine' the 'standard of living of this country is the skill of the people,' Greenspan told the Senate committee. 'We do something wrong, which obviously people in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan do far better. Teaching in these strange, exotic places seems for some reason to be far better than we can do it.'"

"..."The American education system," Gupta notes, "is designed so as not to hurt the self-esteem of any student in class. So, nearly everyone can pass the high-school level." This leads to inadequately trained high-school graduates, and has a bearing on the quality of college education."

No surprise here. Thank you PCrs. The frustation with this goes beyond just education. This type of thinking and behavior is everywhere. It must be stopped. As a side note, Alan Greenspan is a "disciple" of Ayn Rand. I love that woman.

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