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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Muslim anti-semetics?

Allah Is In The House - Allah has illustrated some interesting facts that span multiple countries.

As reported yesterday by the New York Times, from France:

These days, a small but determined minority of France's Muslims has begun to make demands that clash vividly with that ideal [of secularism]. . . . Some teachers complain that hostility from Muslim students toward Israel has made it impossible to teach about the Holocaust.

Today, via Haaretz, from Sweden:

The report sparked numerous responses in the Swedish media, mainly about interviews that Tossavainen conducted with about 20 school teachers in Stockholm, Malmo and Goteborg. Most interviewees complained that they met opposition from some of their Muslim students when they tried to give lessons about Jewish [history] or the Holocaust. "The teachers said that they had the impression that the children had absorbed their negative opinions of Jews at home, from other family members, or from watching Muslim media," says Tossavainen.

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