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Monday, February 16, 2004

More misplaced anger?

MSNBC - "Instead Jesus landed in Iraq and died last March after stepping on a stray American cluster bomb, according to his father. After his son’s death, he made a decision to speak out against the war. “They tell me I’m staining the memory of my son. But that’s not true. He died for his own ideals,” Suarez said in Spanish. “All the young people who have died are a symbol of peace, valor and courage. But they were tricked."

Don't get me wrong here. It's really unfortunate when anyone dies. But this guy says the soldiers were tricked. How can that be? A soldier signs on the dotted line and that means that soldier will go to war no matter what the reason is. Before you leave for basic training you swear in. Part of the swear in states specifically that you will obey the orderse of the commander in chief. Whether he supports the war or not, that soldier will fight in the war. The WMD angle is so beat that I don't think it's even worth discussing at this point. This unfortunate mexican has been caught up in liberal hype.

This guy needs to get off the bandwagon and examine the big picture. Democracy in the middle east. A pillar of stability in a region rife with chaos. I encourage all narrow minded people (and especially liberals) to really think about all of the reasons why we are in the middle east. Examine the 5000 years of history of that region. Stop bitching about WMD and just move on.

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