You'd be surprised.

Monday, February 09, 2004

military news about Iraq: "Iraqi investigators, going through tons of documents captured when Saddam's government fell, are finding detailed evidence of how the Baath Party looted the country's wealth during the 1990s. Hundreds of foreign firms participated in breaking the UN embargo, and paid kickbacks to Saddam and his cronies to make those sales. The kickbacks were paid into foreign bank accounts, where the money was used to buy luxury goods and weapons. Unfortunately, the culture of kickback, bribery and illegal deals still exists in Iraq. There are too few people willing to do what's best for Iraq as a whole, and too many who put family, clan and tribe first"

The last sentence reminds me alot of the new and highly contagious attitude in the U.S.A. Everyone is out for themselves, or their party affiliations or they just don't care.

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