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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Gay Marriage.

I haven't really put too much thought into this until recently. I remember hearing the President say something about protecting man/woman marriage. I thought to myself "why would he need to protect it?". Maybe I'm a little slow and missed the entire point but I think I just got it.

"Marriage" has *always* since the beginning of time been between a man and a woman. Not only is it a 5000+year tradition, but it's something that most married couples through the world find sacred and extremely important to themselves, their families and their belief system.

Now gay people want to participate in that Tradition which belongs to an entirely different moral, theological, and religious belief system. Threatening many people's marriages. Straight people feel that Gay marriage will "threaten" and "cheapen" their own marriages. The same way that Gay activists feel "threatened" or cheated by not being allowed to marry.

In my opinion, this is very selfish of the Gay activists. Why don't they set up some sort of "gay" marriage instead of trying to stomp all over the tradition of straight marriage. Gays are crying out for "equality" and "liberty" but at who's cost? Everyone else.

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