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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Do you remember how you felt on Sept. 12, 2001? Do you remember the incredible sense of shock, sadness, anger and pride, all welling up into a consuming sense of urgency? That's how I still feel every day.

The average American does not understand the absolute hatred and prejudiced that a islamic militant feels for the west and more specifically the U.S. Their reasons are not based solely on our actions in the middle east. It is in fact because the "western" world is not muslim. It is because we do not share the same beliefs as them. It is because we would see a free world, and they would not. Understand that their hatred consumes them. Their biggest hope and their dying wish is to kill as man Americans as possible before they themselves die. Understand that. Really really understand what that means to YOU as an American citizen. Understand that you cannot reason with someone that wants to kill you just for being FREE.

Op-Ed Columnist: Bush on Bush, Take 2

Like most of us, President Bush doesn't have the facility for perfectly expressing his situation in conversation. But if he did, he might have said something like this to Tim Russert in the interview broadcast Sunday:

"I look around and observe that many of my fellow Americans don't seem to be living on Sept. 12, the way I am. And if they don't feel in their bones the presence of war, I don't know what argument I can use to persuade them.

I look on the Democratic side and see that primary voters last Tuesday ranked terrorism last on their issues of concern. I see John Kerry accusing me of stoking a "culture of fear." On the Republican side, I notice conservatives are panicked and peevish toward me over spending and immigration. They seem to think my administration exists to reduce the size of government.

But they should understand that no issue matters to me deeply unless it touches my faith in God. I did not campaign as a government-cutter, and I do not feel called upon to become one. I do feel called upon to use American power to help create a free-er world.

I could lose this election. I don't know whether the American people are with me or not. But I know our hair-trigger reputation has jolted dictators in Libya, North Korea and elsewhere. I know that if in 20 years Iraq is free and the Arab world is progressing toward normalcy, no one will doubt that I did the right thing"

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