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Thursday, February 19, 2004

CNN.com - Plan for U.S.-Mexico border fence rejected - Feb. 19, 2004: "Plan for U.S.-Mexico border fence rejected"

"SAN DIEGO, California (AP) -- California regulators denied a Department of Homeland Security request to fortify the westernmost stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border, setting the stage for a possible legal battle between the state and the Bush administration. "

I find this incredibly interesting. I had read somewhere that the Army was sending a full infantry division down south to protect our borders. I am giddy with excitement. I find it incredibly fascinating that the regulators denied this request, considering that SoCal residents can often be found on the border themselves trying to keep out illegals right along with the INS teams that are currently struggling. 80,000 illegals are known to cross into the U.S each year. That's just the numbers that we know about.

"Much of the environmental concern stems from the Border Patrol's plans to fill a deep, half-mile long canyon known as "Smuggler's Gulch," with 2.1 million cubic yards of dirt, enough to fill 300,000 dump trucks. "

Do ya think the wildlife aren't already affected by all the foot traffic going through there already? Since when does the CCC care anyway? There are residential and business projects building on "nature reserves" all over the southland anyway. Anyone remember the recent Mountain Lion attacks? That's what I thought.

Build it. Build it deep. Build it high. Let's electrify it too.

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