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Friday, February 13, 2004

Cloning. Yes or no?:

I'm not going to write some crazy article on why cloning is ethical or not. There is no reason to. Many other people are doing it.

So to the above question, yes. We have everything to gain scientifically through stem cell research and cloning. Imagine the lives we could save. Millions of lives. Imagine the progress we can make with Human health and understanding of the human body. All of this is made possible through cloning.

Lets leave the issue of "playing god" aside.That is completely rediculous. Compare it to gay people and gay marriage. Are we not playing god by "allowing" gays to marry, or allowing gays to exist in our society? I think not. Is there some kind of benefit for all of humanity that comes from gay marriage? No. IMO the whole "playing god" argument is played out and moot.

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