You'd be surprised.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

12 days.

Last night I had a brief exchange with someone regarding gas prices. The first thing they said to me was "it's bush's fault! He is raising the gas prices because HE is catering to the oil companies!". I didn't have a response to that because I have not done any info gathering on it. But I did see on the news the night before that the Auto Club was making the gas prices... why does everyone insist on blaming the President for everything?

So I didn't sleep well last night again. Wtf. It's not like I was having terrible dreams. In fact, I had two interesting dreams. One was that I was in Basic Training and the Drill Instructor was having me do unending situps. I think he wanted to wear me down but he couldn't. After a wall I guess he got bored of watching me do situps and told me to make myself busy instead. So while everyone else was doing pushups and what not, I was "allowed" to do whatever excercise I wanted. So I stretched!

My second dream was of this "white" highway that went on for quite a ways. You could see it far in the distance. I was on my motorcycle. Not much to remember here except that I was obviously traveling somewhere, and I came upon this highway patrol car and another vehicle. I wanted to help. I ended up fixing my rear license plate so that the officer wouldn't ticket me for it and moving on. Then there was this dimishing radius left turn with a high bank on the right side, and I couldn't make the turn. THis guy on a schwinn (bicycle) with really skinny wheels was behind me saying "Michael be careful!". Who the f is Michael? So anyway I missed the turn and ended up going up the bank but instead of crashing I did this bunny hop rear wheel kick action off the bank back onto the road.


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