You'd be surprised.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

11 days.

It was pouring last night. I think it was what Californians would call "storm of the century". lol. Californians are so funny. I was watching the news and this reporter guy was standing in a 1in puddle of water and he was saying "California is being POUNDED by heavy rains! Look, it's up to my ankle already!". My GF and I simultaneously started laughing.

So last night I went to the gym. I ran 2 miles in 17min no problem. I know I know, that's "slow" but for the record I run 7.5min miles no problem too! I was trying something different tonight. I would run a 9min mile pace for 1 lap, and then run a 7.5min mile pace for 1 lap. I wanted to change it up so my body doesn't get used to the same pace and go on autopilot. I know in basic we are going to be marching and running alot, so I try to simulate that as best as possible on the dreadmill. The shin splints were acting up but nothing I couldn't handle. The funny thing about shin splints is that when you are running they just feel like a dull pain in the back of your mind. It's when you stop running that they make you wish you were dead! I did some duck-walks immediately after running and proceeded to stretch my legs. They felt much better almost instantly.

I did my new pushup routine. I got sick of doing 150 pushups in sets of 25. So I changed to reverse pushups, flat pushups, incline pushups, decline pushups, situps. Rest for 1 minute. Basically what I like to do is 10-15 of each and finish up with 25 situps. I then mix it up. Then I stretch some more. Advice I always give to people with shin splints is to stretch whenever possible. So that's what I do.

When I got home I put some ice on my legs, I iced each leg for 20min. This reduces the swelling and pain. After that I massaged them both, which always seems to relax them. If you are wondering, I use New Balance "stability" 765 shoes. I highly recommend them to anyone with shin splints. I think I'm going to try the NB "motion control" shoes though, because they are a little more aggressive toward shin splints.

I have a DEP function tonight. I have already completed all my DEP tasks and attained E3. I wouldn't say it's difficult to do this, it just takes some time and coordination with your recruiter. I recommend every new recruit complete their task list, because going in as an E2 or E3 really gives you an edge IMO. Imagine working up to E3, it would take at least a year. But by completing a few tasks, you save yourself alot of time, not to mention money. I just hope I can remember everything when I get to Basic. I think tonight is just going to be review or something like that, but we'll see.

over and out.

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