You'd be surprised.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Yahoo! News - Microsoft Gives $1 Bln for Computer Help:

I was appalled when I saw this! Imagine, M$ the Evil Empire giving CASH to HELP nonot just some random retarded kids but the U.N Development Program. How dare they help the world! It must be some kind of tricky scheme to try to get the public to like them instead of unix or linux or OSX.

""The scale of the program we have here is quite unusual in terms of corporate giving. It's $1 billion over five years and that represents both cash and software," "

I knew it! They are forcing their software on the United Nations. Could this be the beginning of a new war? I doubt it. The U.N would run and hide at the first shot fired. Luckily for them Gates is just buying them out.

"The United Nations will work with the Microsoft Unlimited Potential program to invest in community centers in poor regions where people can learn how to use personal computers and enhance their job prospects."

Watch out everyone! M$ is spreading like cancer. Infiltrating the hearts and minds of the young and old alike. Getting them hooked on M$. Linux should quit now. All you mac lover's out there should jump off a cliff and save yourselves!

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