You'd be surprised.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

What a waste of time! Yesterday I went to court to pay for a traffic violation. No, I wasn't speeding. No I wasn't running from the cops. No I wasn't doing a 100mph wheelie down the 405fwy. Nothing as glamorous as that. I was cited for not having a license plate on my motorcycle. This is of course after I was cited for not having a rear red-reflector. Don't these officers have real crime to be preventing?

While I was at county A's superior court, they informed me that County B had an outstanding citation with a 1098.00 fee. Wow. I ask them what it's for and how to take care of it. They tell me they don't know and that I have to go to County B's superior court to find out. County B's court is 40 miles away. So I call up County B's court and I am put on hold for 30 minutes. Who the fg has time for this?

Today I went to County B's superior courthouse only to be told I need to pay the citation or go before a judge. No, really?? What I have failed to mention to you all is that this citation is from Aug 2002. Yea. Not only that, but it was never on the court records or DMV records until YESTERDAY. Yep. How do I know? Glad you asked. I had just been in court in Oct 2003 because of my rear red-reflector ticket AND "signals not 9" apart" citation. Yes I fought bravely, I fought hard. I proved my case. I even illustrated the legality of my lights with the CHP vehicle codebook. But somehow I lost the case. The local officer had his local PD office fax him some local codes that neither I or the Judge was aware of. SO the judge reduced the fine to 0.00 but still convicted me. Sigh. So back to the point. The court clerks normally notify you of any/all pending citations. The 2002 Citation was never mentioned. It was also never mentioned in Feb 2003 when I paid my registration and renewed my license. I think it's B$ but who am I to argue with the big bad court? I apparently, cannot win.

What is this super secret mystery citation? IT was an expired registration citation. However, I sold the vehicle before I had to register it and the bank handled everything for me. Hmm. Yet, it's just now showing up on the court records.

So, County B is asking me if I want to pay or go before a judge. I choose judge. Maybe he can reduce my fine or be so kind as to dismiss the case. Considering I have 41 days until I ship off to Basic Training, I really don't think I have time for this crap. Oh, and they also ask if I want to take care of my other pending citation. By this time you must think I'm a raging criminal loose on the streets, terrorizing the general populace. This pending citation is for crossing a double yellow line while "sharing" lanes. Which is legal where I am. I guess my wheels crossed the double yellow, which isn't always easy to tell when you are riding. So I was cited.

What's interesting is that County A couldn't help me with County B's citation, but County B was more tha happy to accomodate me with County A's citation. WTF?

I was also warned that my license will be suspended if no action is taken. So why wasn't I told about this back in Aug of 2002 , or Feb 2003, or Oct 2003, or dec 2003 and only notified just yesterday Jan 2004??

I hate court. I hate the local justic system. What a waste of time and energy.

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