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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Tongue Tied: "Will be Judged Not by the Color of Their Skin, but by the Content of Their Character"

Wow this is "reverse" racism and some sick and twisted form of PC at it's finest.

- A group of high school students in Omaha, Neb. who nominated a South African student for a “Distinguished African-American Student” award were disciplined for what was described by administrators as an “inappropriate and insensitive” act

- Administrators at Westside High School said the award should only go to a black student

- A student who later circulated a petition complaining about the racism inherent in that policy also was punished by the school.

Hm, I guess being South African isn't African enough. Maybe being Black-American makes you more African? It appears the school really wants to nominate a BLACK student for distinguised BLACK student award.

fgn wrong.

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