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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

OpinionJournal - Outside the Box

Well, it would appear things really aren't as bleak as the liberals would have us believe.

"Optimists have turned out to be fully correct; pessimists alarmingly misguided:" -- seriously!

Here are a few highlights for those of you too lazy to read.

Life expectancy in America has increased ...

Incomes are up. Inflation-adjusted per capita income has doubled since 1960. And we're working less for more money. -- I can attest to that!

Poverty is down. Twenty-two percent of Americans lived in poverty in 1960; by 2001 that rate had declined to 11.7%

We are not running out of any resource--oil, natural gas, copper, aluminum or anything else. Pollution is down; today's new cars emit "less than 2% as much pollution per mile as a car of 1970."

The goods available to us are overwhelming, and getting cheaper all the time

All this progress is not just in America or wealthy nations. Middle-class men and women in Europe and America live better than 99.4% of humans who have ever lived

"Rather than nasty, brutish and short, 21st century life is good, comfortable and long, and getting better all the time.

Give it a read you won't be disappointed and it might keep you from pulling that trigger tonight.

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