You'd be surprised.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My apple has a yeast infection.

wtf! I went to Ralph's during lunch today. That's right, I went against the union and bought my apple from some SCABS! Anyway, maybe that's why it has a yeast infection. I like to eat apples all day long. They are the perfect snack. SO I have been sitting here looking forward to eating my apple and when I finally pulled it out of the bag I decided to wash it.

So I'm washing the apple and it freakin' starts to get all gooey on me. I'm looking at this thing in utter disgust. At first I thought maybe there was some kind of gel on it. But I kept washing it thinking it would go away. It didn't! I dried it off and then the gooey gel stuff hardened into a crust. What the heck! No way was I going to eat it.

Now I am without an apple. Maybe that was the plan of the Union. To teach me the unsuspecting SCAB supporter a lesson?

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