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Monday, January 26, 2004


Yahoo! News - U.S. Army Probes Fatal Shooting of Iraqi Family: "'At checkpoints, during raids, or after roadside attacks, edgy U.S. soldiers have resorted to lethal force with distressing speed,' the human rights group wrote.

> Of course our soldiers are edgy. They get attacked everyday! Not just attacked with rocks, or hand guns. They are attacked with bombs, RPG's and fully automatic weapons.

'Troops also have not been adequately equipped with non-lethal or less lethal equipment.' "

> WTf is this about? So our soldiers should be required to use non-lethal force in the face of lethal force? Part of the problem in Iraq is that it's difficult to decipher between a potential lethal attack and a no attack at all. A car runs a checkpoint and blows up. Poof lots of people are dead. Another car runs a checkpoint and poof, an Iraqi family is dead. In such a scenario I believe the Iraqi driving that vehicle is at fault for not adhering to the posted rules and regulations that are meant to keep everyone safe.

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