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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I'm a thief.

Today I had to go to the hardware store during lunch to pick up a few items. I had limited time. I decided to go to Home Depot. I needed two 1/4" bolts and 2 1/4" wingnuts. Found them easily enough. I double checked the size of the wingnuts because they were in a plastic package. They cost .78 each. The bolts cost .07 each. I made it to a checkout stand easily enough as well. No line. I was rung up for 1.83. Ok.. so i just paid almost 2 dollars for about 1oz of metal. great!

I go outside to my awaiting elective blue '03 R6 motorcycle, because that is my primary means of transportation. No complaints. I pull out my license plate and proceed to use the bolts and wingnuts to attach to the rear of the bike.

WTF?! The wingnuts are the wrong size and don't fit the bolts! I wasted 1.56 on two stupid wingnuts that don't even fit the bolts! Fine. I go back inside and find two 1/4" nuts that I can physically be sure will fit on the 1/4" bolts I have. Now there is a HUGE line at the checkstand AND there some crazy crate mover machine blocking the main aisle! The nuts I hold in my hand have a combined grande value of .04. So I walked out of the store with the small pieces of metal (yes I just avoided saying "my nuts in my hand") without paying for them. I felt like I was jipped out of a 1.56 on wingnuts that didn't even fit! I had a right to walk out of there. PLus the hassle at the checkstand was a waste of time..

Should I go to jail?

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