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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"I think there's just two different worlds here, the world the president talks about and the world Americans are living in," Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites), who won Monday's Iowa caucuses, said on NBC.

"While CEO pay is up and Wall Street profits are up, the average American only earned three cents on the dollar more. Workers are hurting all across America," Kerry said. "

I'm an average "hard working" American and I don't have a problem with jobs. None of my average "hard working" American friends have a problem with jobs and in-fact every single person I know has a job. SO who the hell is Kerry talking about, exactly?

The world Americans live in is out of control and we are just trying to regain some control. Unfortunately a poor education system and MTV are rotting us from the inside out! Liberals try to tell us we are all victims and that we are entitled to govt handouts and charity. How about putting some of the responsibility on the Citizens? Samuel Adams is rolling in his grave. If he was alive today he'd up and leave and start a new republic because this one is too disgusting for him.

"Clark said Bush will "spend billions on the war in Iraq, missile defense, and sending a man to Mars. But he's going to spend a grand total of $120 million for job training. That's just $15 for each unemployed American. That's not much more than the cost of bus fare to the training center, lunch, and coffee."

I don't recall needing the govt to train me for a job. If I remember correctly I am, as a citizen, responsible for attending PUBLIC and FREE schools and at some point picking a profession and or going to college. Hell, I can even choose to work at McDonalds and pretend im a high rollin' playa by spending my entire paycheck on Prada.

WTF do liberals think that everyone is a helpless self-hating pile of shit? I'm incredibly insulted by these guys and frankly I would prefer that Bush spends MY tax money on kicking terrorist ass and securing american interests along with stabilizing the world (to the best of our ability) than paying for job training for some idiot on the street that failed every public school course he ever attended because he was either too lazy, or too cool to attend and pay some attention.

Also, after the State of the Union speech I think it would have been prudent for Kerry to say "Thank you President Bush" or "Congratulations" or "Way to go!". No, he had to talk a whole bunch of smack about how negative our country is and how everything is just WRONG WRONG and nothing is right. He should kill himself, I don't see how this guy can make it through a single day.

The squabling between the parties is so irritating and counter productive. These two groups are designed to compliment eachother and fill in where the other cannot.

Bush has my vote you liberal bitches!

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