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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

EE Times - Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security -- This article scares the crap outta me.

"Besides lie detection, Watson said, the technology "can also measure for other emotions like anxiety, fear or even love." Indeed V Entertainment offers Pocket PC "love detector" software that can attach to a phone line or work from recorded tapes. It's available for download at www.v-entertainment.com. Instead of color-coded LEDs, a bar graph on the display indicates how much the caller to whom you are speaking "loves" you. V Entertainment claims the love detector has demonstrated 96 percent accuracy. A PC version is due next month. "

There are so many reasons why this is just downright horrific. Imagine that you are having a bad day and you FEEL like you want to kill the next person that says something lame to you. So some curious cop asks you if you plan on doing soemthing crazy and you say "no". According to the emotion and tensity in your voice, you do in fact plan on doing something. See ya later.

This reminds me of that one movie with Tom Cruise, Minority Report.

Now on to the "love detector" crap. So you put these babies on and ask your wife if she loves you.. or vice versa. Or maybe you can ask your dog?

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