You'd be surprised.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Funny that I came here and read the below posts for the first time. It is funny because this evening I was brought to tears by a similar idea. My wife and I usually eat dinner in front of the television. Yes, I know it is bad, blah blah blah. We are both full time doctoral students working part time and at about 8pm in the evening we can finally sit down together, eat dinner, and relax a bit. Anyhow....

Tonight we were watching TV, eating dinner, having a glass of wine, I was watching Monster House and my wife was humoring me, because she is the best. During commercials I had to flip because I am a dedicated channel flipper...can't stand commercials. So I flip to channel 2, the start of our channels and I see the start of a story on 60 Minutes II called "3 Soldiers."

The show picked three soldiers killed in combat in Iraq, supposedly at random, and profiled their story. They also provided interviews with their survivors...at least one each. Talk about heroes. These men are heroes. These men are those who chose to live their lives in order to offer their lives for freedom and justice. If someone thinks these men were fighting strictly for their OWN freedom and justice or for that of their families, I would be torn between punching them in the face and just shaking my head and walking away. These are men of action who believed that you make a commitment to do something RIGHT and you do it. These are men who, through their actions, told us that an America that was not willing to fight for and defend freedom and justice was not an America they wanted to be a part of. You watch these stories and it rips you apart. You are filled with sadness and grief for the families, comrades and friends left behind, with pride that such people exist and are defending this great country, with sadness at the loss of such a great courage, and with a profound sadness that so many people don't give a shit. That so many people these men and women are offering to die for (yes, offering, it is a volunteer service folks, don't forget that...VOLUNTEER...), could give two shits about them, their families, the principles they lived and died for....could give a shit less about this country and what it was founded upon.

We have a presidential candidate who is more than ready to throw out there that he is a war hero. He is not. He is a disgrace. He is a disgrace not for what he did in the uniform, but for what he has done out of it. The paradox of real war heroes is that, most often, the REAL war heroes are the ones that you will never hear about.

These aren't numbers, they are people with families, friends and comrades.

There are no thanks I can give greater than saying Thank You. It will never be close to enough.....

To all those that choose to offer their life for those of anyone called an "American", Thank you.
To all those that have given their life for those of anyone called an "American", Thank you.
To all those left behind by someone that has given their life for those of anyone called an "American", Thank you.

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