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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Block your ears to hear better on Japan's new bone phone

OMFG So my roommate gets a new phone, the new state of the art phone from Sprint PCS, camera, video, LEDs, flash, zoom, and I THINK that it has missiles and an oil slick...either that or he had the Hershey Squirts the other evening....but anyhow, his phone just came out, it's the best and newest on the US market (I suppose). So that's where we are with mobile phones in the US while the effing Japs (STFU, I am not predjudiced and/or bigoted, lighten up) have a phone that you can listen to by having it vibrate in your effing skull! Good thing they are our friends, jeezus man, we need to get our act together.

Just an idea, since it is so PC and "necessary" for us to have illegals in our country working, why don't we stop all the Mexicans that are coming up, pay an extra $0.50 per week to have our lawn cut and cars washed, and start importing some smart ass illegal Japs that can build US some crazy ass gizmos like the "bone phone"? If I was in charge I'd look into doing that. Heh.

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